Academy Instructors


The Academy's Instructor team is run by its Head Instructor who is supported by Class Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Guest Instructors.  


We require that all of our Instructors are formally qualified through the New Zealand Ju-Jitsu Federation. Assistant Instructors require the C1 (Assistant Instructor) Certification, Class Instructors the C2 (Club Instructor) Certification and our Head Instructor the C3 (Advanced Instructor) Certification. These are all recognised by Sport New Zealand. You can view our Instructor Team's qualifications HERE. Note that some of our Instructors are still working towards obtaining the relevant Certification for their role at our Academy.   


We also have a number of external, highly experienced Guest Instructors who complement our Academy Instructor team by providing us with different martial arts backgounds and experiences. Details of our Head Instructor, Class Instructors and our regular Guest Instructors are provided below.


Head Instructor 

Callum Forbes (C3) 

Class Instructors  

Michael Viseur (C2)
Sean Harvey  (C1)
Rhiannon Forbes (C1)
Jon-Luke Harvey  
Paul Atkins (C1)
Daniel Bryne 

Assistant Instructors (All C1) 

Cheyla Shortland
John Anderson
Jaime Philips 
Tristan Anson
Shona Gaitonas
Neil Van Der Star
Daryl Conchie

Guest Instructors 

Grand Master Scott Seo
Grand Master Fari Salievski
Grand Master Fab Cella
Shihan Mike O'Hara
Colin McKinstry

Callum Forbes, 7th Dan Hapkido

Academy Owner & Head Instructor

Callum started his Hapkido training under Grand Master Jung Nam Lee in 1982. He received all of his grades from white belt up to and including 6th Dan Black Belt from GM Lee before GM Lee retired from active involvement in New Zealand Hapkido in 2006. Callum was then promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido in July 2018 by Grand Master In Sun Seo during the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association's 2018 Member Summit in San Francisco after having successfully completed the testing and other requirements for this high level Dan promotion.
Callum is also currently studying both Kyusho-Jitsu (in which he holds a Level 1 Qualification - the first New Zealander to do so) and Fari Salievski BJJ Ground Combatives. He also continually develops his Hapkido which also includes daily practice as well as travelling regularly to Australia, South Korea and the USA to receive advanced training from senior Hapkido and other martial arts practitioners.  
For his services to both Hapkido and to the wider New Zealand Martial Arts community, Callum was inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame on November 2nd, 2013. In October 2015 Callum became the first New Zealander to be invited to lead a team demonstration as part of the official opening of the 2015 Hapkido World Championships in South Korea. Since then he has regularly lead team demonstrations as well as performed individual demonstrations at international Hapkido events.
In 2016 Callum was appointed as a Regional Director for the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association.  
In addition to running the Upper Hutt Academy, Callum also provides direct support to the other New Zealand Hapkido affiliated schools around New Zealand.

Rhiannon Forbes, 1st Dan Hapkido

Academy Manager, Class Instructor

Rhiannon started her formal training in Hapkido in 2005 as one of our first junior students. She later developed the syllabus for our Hapkido Dragons class. 
Rhiannon attended the 2014 World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association Hapkido World Summit in San Francisco and was graded to 1st Dan Black Belt in 2015 by Master Malcolm Wright, 5th Dan who founded the Manawatu Hapkido Club. She also received a 1st Dan Black Belt from Grand Master In Sun Seo with the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association and she was awarded this in person by GM Seo. She attended the 2015 and 2019 Hapkido World Championships in South Korea, taking part in the New Zealand Team Demonstration at both events. At the 11th Hapkido World Championships in 2019 she won a medal in the Weapons Hyung (Pattern) competition,
Rhiannon is the Class Instructor responsible for running our Little Dragons and Hapkido Classes and also assists with the Hapkido classes. She is also the Academy Manager/Secretary responsible for the day to day tasks required to run the Academy smoothly.    
Rhiannon is currently studying for her 2nd Dan.
She is also available to teach private Hapkido and Self Defence lessons during weekdays for women and children. You can book a class with her HERE

Michael Viseur, 3rd Dan Hapkido

Class Instructor 

Michael started his Hapkido training in early 2007 but prior to that had studied Karate for about 5 years. 

Michael is responsible for helping to run the Academy's Hapkido, Kyusho-Jistu and Ground Combatives classes. Michael has exceptional technical skills and is also responsible for additional coaching for our members who want to further improve and refine their Hapkido skills 
Michael obtained his New Zealand Hapkido Federation 2nd Dan Black Belt in 2014 and is also recieved a 2nd Dan Black Belt from Grand Master In Sun Seo with the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association at the organisation's 2014 Member Summit.  

Sean Harvey, 3rd Dan Hapkido

Class Instructor

Sean started his formal training in Hapkido in 2009.  
Sean is responsible for helping to run the Academy's Hapkido classes. Sean is also an experienced international competitor and is reponsible for preparing our students for demonstrations, local and international competitions.  
Sean obtained his New Zealand Hapkido Federation 2nd Dan Black Belt in 2014 in record time through training 5 or 6 times a week since starting Hapkido and he also 
also received his 2nd Dan Black Belt from Grand Master In Sun Seo with the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association at the organisation's 2014 Member Summit.
Sean reguarly travels overseas to further develop his Hapkido skills starting with attending the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association 2014 Hapkido World Summit in San Francisco. During the 2017 Korea Trip he was also formally acknowledged as a Hapkido Instructor by Grand Master In Sun Seo - a title normally reserved for 4th Dan Black Belts.  He has also travelled to South Korea three times and took part in the 2015, 2017 and 2019 Hapkido World Championships in Busan where he performed strongly in all, winning medals in both Patterns (Hyungs) and Sparring - coming close to winning the prestigous Adult Male Heavy Weight sparring division despite being a Middle Weight.  

Jon-Luke Harvey, 2nd Dan Hapkido

Class Instructor

Jon-Luke commenced his Hapkido training in 2013 and obtained his 1st Dan Black Belt in 2017.
Jon-Luke assists in running our Hapkido classes. He has also competed successfully in a number of tournaments in recent years, including the 11th Hapkido Word Championships in South Korea in 2019 where he won medals in both Sparring and Self-Defence.  



Paul Atkins, 1st Dan Hapkido

Class Instructor 

Paul started his Hapkido training in May 2016 and obtained his 1st Dan Black Belt in June 2019. 

Paul is responsible for running both our senior Tigers class and Hapkido class on Tuesday nights. 
As a new black belt, Paul has started to refine his core Hapkido skills as well as continuing to develop new skills as part of his pathway to 2nd Dan in Hapkido.

Daniel Byrne, 1st Dan Hapkido 

Class Instructor 

Dan commenced his training in Junior Hapkido in 2009 and obtained his Junior Black Belt in 2016. He obtained his 1st Dan Black Belt in December 2019 - becoming our first Junior Black Belt to transition through to a 1st Dan Black Belt.
As a long term member of our Academy, Daniel has been instrumental in the development of our Hapkido Tigers syllabus. He is also a keen student of bladed weapons including medieval swordsmanship.   
As the youngest member of our Leadership Team, Daniel helps us keep in touch with the needs of our younger members to ensure that their training is current and relevant. He is also studying towards his 2nd Dan in Hapkido.

Grand Master Scott (Sungyeel) Seo, 8th Dan Hapkido

Guest Instructor - Hanminjok Hapkido

Grand Master Scott is the oldest son of Grand Master In Sun Seo and was born in Busan, South Korea. He started martial arts training from early childhood at the headquarter dojang of Grand Master In Sun Seo.

He was the youngest member of the children’s demonstration team at the age of 5 in 1977. Ever since childhood, he has been privileged to learn directly from Grand Master In Sun Seo and has had the opportunity to learn and train with many of the Grand Master’s senior masters as well. He was promoted to 8th Dan (Grand Master) in 2014 and has over 40 years of Hapkido experience as he started training as a very young child. Currently, Grand Master Scott is the General Secretary of the Hanminjok Hapkido Association, which oversees more than 600 member schools in Korea. He also travels regularly to support Hamninjok Hapkido Association member schools in Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Grand Master Scott provides regular support and guidance to Callum and other senior NZ Hapkido instructors in their own advanced Hapkido training as well as visiting New Zealand to run seminars for our wider membership (2014, 2016 and 2018). His next visit to New Zealand was scheduled for September 2020 but because of Covid-19 this has been rescheduled for September 2021.   


Grand Master Fari Salievski, 8th Dan Hapkido 

Guest Instructor - Ground Combatives 

In addition to being an 8th Dan Hapkido Black Belt and highly accomplished martial artist, Master Fari also leads Martial Arts Professionals (an organisation providing mentoring, marketing and martial arts business support designed to promote excellence and growth within the martial arts industry). The Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy is a client of this organisation. 

Master Fari provides direct support to the Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy and to the wider New Zealand Hapkido Federation in the form of running seminars in New Zealand as well as mentoring our school owners in the fine art of running a successful martial arts school. Master Fari was instrumental in providing us with the resources to help us establish the framework of our Little Dragons and Tigers programmes. 

In addition Master Fari heads Korea Hapkido International, KMA Champion Martial Arts and is also the trainer/manager for KMA Top Team - one of the premier MMA fight teams in Australia. He is also the trainer of Martin Nyugan - the current Featherweight World Champion in the ONE Asian MMA organisation.

Master Fari is the Academy Instructor for our Ground Combatives class. 


Grand Master Fab Cella, 8th Dan Kyushu-Jitsu

Master Fab Cella has devoted his life to studying and promoting the wider martial arts and holds a variety of Dan grades and ranks in a wide range of martial arts including Hapkido (5th Dan), Kyusho-Jitsu (8th Dan) Goshin-Rhyu Karate (8th Dan) and Ryukyu Kempo Karate (7th Dan).

He is the Owner and Instructor of KMA Condrell Park and has just opened another school - KMA Clarence Valley Black Belt Success School
Master Fab also as an extensive background in Close Protection and VIP Body Guard training.
Master Fab is the Academy instructor for "Kyusho-Jitsu" - the use of pressure points to amplify the effects of many Hapkido techniques. 


Mike O'Hara, 5th Dan Karate

Guest Instructor - Sparring and Weapons

Shihan Mike has been a student and teacher of the Eastern martial arts for well over 35 years. He started his career in Judo as a junior before switching to Zen Do Kai Karate, completing his 2nd degree black belt in 1988. In 1990 Mike joined his instructor (Shihan Jeff Veale) in the creation of New Zealand Freestyle Martial Arts. 
Shihan Mike has been an instructor in NZFMA ever since and in early 2016 he completed his 5th Dan Black Belt grading which is the highest Dan grade awarded by New Zealand Freestyle Martial Arts. A 5th Dan Black Belt in this style is the equivalent of a 7th or 8th Dan Black Belt in most other martial art styles.  
Shihan Mike has also studied a number of other arts, gaining formal qualifications in Tae Kwon Do in the USA (1st degree black belt) and in Goju-Ryu Karate (brown belt). He has also studied a number of weapon arts over the years and has proficiency in jo, katana and escrima. 
Shihan Mike runs regular monthly workshops in full contact sparring at the Academy as well as regularly attending Hapkido and Medieval Sword Classes.

Colin McKinstry  

Guest Instructor - Weapons

Colin McKinstry has been a student and teacher of the European martial arts for well over 25 years. He started his martial arts career in Judo as a child before developing an interest in traditional European armed and unarmed combat.
He has studied various systems of European Martial Arts extensively, including 19th century bare knuckle boxing, German wresting and various styles of swordmanship. Because most European arts are 'dead' arts (that is have no living lineage), Colin has extensively studied old manuscripts in order to try to recreate these arts and has developed a very deep understanding of the underlying principles of the martial arts which are common to both Eastern and Western Martial Arts.
Colin's expertise in this area has been of great value in helping understand and refine our core Hapkido techniques. He also teaches our weekly Saturday sword class in association with Mike O'Hara and Callum Forbes.
There is no rank or grading structure in European Martial Arts but in any grading system, Colin would be an equivalent of a Master.  

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