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Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide affordable, consistent, high-quality instruction in martial arts and self defence in a professional, safe and friendly environment.

Hapkido  is the "way of co-ordinated power". It is a Korean martial art that is often referred to as the complete martial art of self defence.
Hapkido is not a sport but rather a pure self-defence martial art that covers joint locks, sweeps & throws, striking techniques with all parts of the body, ground fighting, defence against weapons and the improvised use of everyday items in self-defence situations. Because Hapkido techniques work through Balance Point and Joint Manipulation principals, physical strength is not required so learning Hapkido is not restricted by age, size or gender. It is very much an art that grows with age.   
Our goal for every student who enrols at our Academy is to develop them into a black belt. To help you on your Martial Arts journey at whatever stage of life you are at, or whether your goal is a black belt or not, we offer the following classes:    

Hapkido is for anybody 13 and over who wants to learn good self defence skills as well as to obtain the fitness, health and other personal benefits that traditional martial arts training offers. Our Hapkido classes form the core of our Academy's training. Further Information Here. Because Hapkido is our core class we support it with a number of specialist classes which include Teen Hapkido and Black Belt among others. Further Information on these Classes Here.
Hapkido Self Defence is for anybody who wants to learn good self defence skills but who do not have the time to commit to regular training in any of our other classes. Further Information Here.
Junior Hapkido is for Children aged 7 - 12 and mirrors the Hapkido syllabus in a simplified format. Junior Hapkido is more than just another sports option for your children. It is focussed on helping our junior students develop good life-long habits such as to exercise regularly and to help them to develop other skills like self-confidence, leadership and a spirit of helping others. Further Information Here.

Young Dragons™ is for Children aged 5 - 7 and focuses on developing basic martial arts and physical skills. We also focus on teaching strategies for issues that they may face at school such as being bullied or teased. Further Information Here.
Knight School is for Children aged 6 - 12/13 that teaching basic sword fighting. Further Information Here
Our academy culture is relaxed and friendly. We are not big on the old style rigid authority of many of the other traditional martial arts. But we expect our students to train hard and push themselves to achieve their martial arts potential. So come along and try out an orientation class for you or your children and begin your own martial arts journey.
All of our classes are run at our modern, owner-occupied martial arts studio in the centre of Upper Hutt. Further Information Here.
We are also the HeadQuarters for the New Zealand Hapkido Federation which has member clubs throughout New Zealand.

We are also a member club of the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association.
The World Kido Federation is one of the most renowned and respected Korean self defence Martial Arts organisations in the world and the  Hanminjok Hapkido Association is the largest international Hapkido organisation in the world with over 600 member clubs in South Korea and about another 400 spread throughout the world.


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Callum Forbes

021 330 989

Training Videos 

The Academy has a "You Tube" channel for presenting our training methods and student gradings. You can view our videos >here:


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September 2015 is Fighting Fit month at the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy!!!
In association with the Activation Team at the Upper Hutt City, we are proud to offer a FREE 4 lesson Fighting Fit course at the Academy. You can choose from one of 3 course times: Morning, Lunchtime or Evening.
Further information HERE

Callum's Blog

I get asked quite often about our gradings – specifically why we run them the way we do. Traditionally many martial arts do day-long gradings which involved prolonged physical exercises mixed with martial arts techniques. The purpose of these is to ‘break’ the students mentally and physically to see if they had the inner resolve to go on.
Other styles run very short gradings, 10 to 15 minutes long which does not give time to really assess anything. In my experience, these very short gradings are becoming more the norm these days.
The way we have always done Hapkido gradings is to run high intensity short gradings of no more than 45 – 90 minutes in duration for adult students and shorter gradings for Junior students.
Let me tell you that the amount of material that our students are tested on in our gradings is just as much, if not more than the longer gradings of other styles. One of my good friends who does traditional karate says that our adult White Belt gradings are the toughest in terms of content that he has ever seen. There is also no respite in our gradings either in that the pace is fast so the students are operating at high levels of both physical and mental energy as soon as they run out onto to the mat. 
In our gradings I am mainly assessing the character of the student and his or her ability to do their martial arts techniques in a stress situation. By the time the student reaches the end point of the grading, they are under both physical and mental stress and it this point they are asked to apply their skills against a range of continuous and varied attacks against non-cooperative partners who are trying to break their self-defence skills. This not only tells me that that the student either could or could not probably apply the same techniques in a real self-defence situation but it also reveals to them weak points in their own skills and character which they need to work on.
Fitness does play an important part in learning effective self-defence but the fitness required in a real self-defence situation is more for short bursts of intense activity rather than prolonged activity. This is why I focus on the actual martial arts aspect of our gradings under pressure rather than ask our students to spending hours doing exercises and drills.   

Korea Trip 2015 

This is scheduled for 15th - 22nd October 2015 and will allow our members to travel to the home of Hapkido and take part in training alongside other Hapkidoists from around the world under some of Hapkido's greatest instructors. The Academy and the wider NZ Hapkido Federation is sending a dozen or so of our members Korea to take part in this and also the World Hapkido Championships.
Academy Grading Dates f0r 2015/2016

  • Tuesday 8th September from 5 PM - Junior Hapkido and all Adult Hapkido grades.
  • Tuesday 13th October from 5 PM - Junior Hapkido and all Adult Hapkido grades.
  • Tuesday 11th November from 5 PM - Junior Hapkido and all Adult Hapkido grades.
  • Tuesday 15th December from 5 PM - Junior Hapkido and all Adult Hapkido grades.
  • Tuesday 12th Jauuaary from 5 PM - Junior Hapkido and all Adult Hapkido grades.
  • Tuesday 9th February from 5 PM - Junior Hapkido and all Adult Hapkido grades.

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